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Molon Labe® Safety Ammo

Polymer Dummy Training Ammunition

►Bright colored plastic and a different "feel" makes sure you won't confuse these for live rounds
►Does not duplicate weight and balance of loaded rounds

►Popular for use in Immediate Action and Hunter Safety training for just that reason

►Perfect for practicing trigger control and clearing jams

►Fantastic for those needing dummy/practice rounds for single action shooting
►Manufactured from advance polymer materials

Safety Ammo Polymer Rimfire


Safety Ammo Polymer - Pistol


Safety Ammo Polymer Rifle


Safety Ammo Polymer Shotgun


Polymer Safety Ammo Pistol
$8.95 per set of 5

Polymer Safety Ammo Rimfire
$8.95 per set of 5

Polymer Safety Ammo
Color: Safety Orange & Zombie Green
$8.95 per set of 5

Safety Ammo Polymer - Pistol


45 ACP

40 S&W


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Safety Ammo

Polymer Safety Ammo Rifle
$8.95 per set of 5

Polymer Safety Ammo Shotgun
$12.95 per set of 5

45 ACP

40 S&W


32 ACP

7.62 x 25 mm


380 ACP

38 Special/ 357 Mag

38 Super

44 Magnum Special

500 S&W

357 Sig

17 HMR

17 Mach 2

22 Magnum

22 Long Rifle

223 Remington

243 Winchester

243 Winchester

30 Carbine

30-30 Winchester

7.62 x 39 mm

5.45 x 39 mm

.308 Winchester

30-06 Springfield

20 gauge

12 gauge

.410 gauge

7.62 x 25 mm Tok