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Redding 2400 Case Trimmer Tray

  After getting my Redding 2400 Case trimmer, I realized I did not want to have it mounted directly to my reloading bench, as I have limited space and do not always need this trimmer out.  I wanted something that I could have and sit on my lap while on the couch, or on my reloading bench or anywhere else.

   Using a piece of pine butcher block left over from another project, I quickly mounted the trimmer to it for a test run. I quickly realized that the shavings from the trimmer were going to be an issue, after trimming 50 pieces of converted 8mm Mauser brass. I knew I needed to do something more to keep the shavings on the base. I had some Red Oak left from another project, so I squared up the base and took measurements for my side pieces. The side pieces have a inside height of about 1 1/2" from the top of the base. I trimmed down the right side piece on my band saw to keep my hand/wrist from hitting it while cranking awhile. Before I assembled the side I drilled a few accessory holes for extra pilots, spare cutter, Power drill adaptor (or the hand crank), and the case extension at the bottom left. I Then drilled two holes large enough for me to install 2 threaded inserts. These 2 inserts are glued into place, I was careful not to use to much glue so as not to clog up the internal threads. These work perfect for the neck brushes. I then clamped the base onto my mini mill to cut the slots for the spacers that came with the trimmer.

  Before I assembled the sides I sanded and stained the base with some red oak stain. I really wish I would have used golden oak stain on the bottom. I really did not expect it to darken as much as it did....well, live and learn. The next step was to glue and clamp the sides onto the base. After this step was done I realized I did not want the squared edges on the sides as they would not be comfortable to rest my arms on....so it was off to the router table were all the corners were rounded off. Now it was ready for sanding, wipe down and final inspection. At this point I was very happy with how it was turning out. Here is how it turned out after adding 2 coats of Satin Urethane finish with sanding in between each coat.

 I still need to find and attach a non slip rubber piece to the bottom side for when I have it on my countertop or workbench. I also wish I would have created a slot to hold my calipers. I have an idea for this fix though that won't have me milling/cutting on the finished tray. I'll just be mounting 2 fingers coming up from the base with a felt lined slot in each to hold the calipers. I am also going to drill a couple more accessory whole to hold my Lynman power de-burring and chamfer tools.


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