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AR15 and AR10 Trigger Guard Screw Assembly Kits

Magpul Trigger Guard
Screw Assembly Upgrade Kit.
Brass inserts allow this guard to be easily installed with out a roll pin.
The kit also includes 2x 1/4 inch screws for the rear hole and one 3/8 inch screw for the front.

►Screw assembly kit for easy assembly/disassembly.
►For use with Magpul MOE or Aluminum enhanced trigger guards.
►Can be used with other brands of trigger guards.

Price: $4.95

Aluminum Trigger Guard Kit

Polymer Trigger Guard Kit

The front hole does not require any modification with the Polymer conversion kit. The rear trigger guard hole must be drilled with a 5/32" bit to make proper room for the inserts. If converting an Aluminum trigger guard, you will need to drill the front hole also. You do not need to drill all of the way through on the front. The smooth side of the insert faces out and the side with the slot faces into the hole, as shown in the picture below. Carefully press one insert at a time into each side of the rear hole. Keep the insert straight at all times to avoid damaging them. I will not send replacement inserts because you damaged them. This can be done with an arbor press, vice, vice-grips, or pliers but care must be taken. Press the inserts in until they are flush, they must be flush with the surface. Now the guard is ready to install. Use a 1/16th allen wrench to install the screws. Be careful not to over tighten them. They just need to be snug.

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