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Custom Reloading Press Mounts

  I recently purchased a used RCBS Rock Chucker for "Dirty" work. After I got home with my newest acquisition, I set it up on my work bench. I quickly realized I liked the height of my Dillon 550 with the strong mount, that and having it mounted on the front edge restricted access to the drawers I have under the reloading counter. I started looking around to see what others had done and found a few others with a creative streak and some nice examples of what can be made. Since I do not have access to a metal break or welding machine, I choose a different route. I was able to scrounge around a little in a scrap bin at work and found a 1/2" thick piece of aluminum plate stock. The plate was larger then what I needed, so I cut it in half. On a side note, always make sure your cordless tools are charged and you have good saw blades on hand. I then took the two pieces and cleaned up and squared up the edges on my Mini Mill (Bench top Mill). I ended up with 2 pieces that looked like this:

  This is larger then what I need, so I trimmed one of the pieces down to 4.5" deep by 5.5" wide. This gave me room to mount the RCBS and about 3/4" on either side to mount legs. I had a couple ideas of what I might do, but while I was up at Dillon purchasing some items for my 550B, I decided to just pick up a 550 strong mount to use with my mounting plate.  This was a quick and easy route to go. Something to remember if you are thinking about a similar setup as mine, Dillon has 2 different height Strong Mounts: 6" and 8 1/2" in height. The one I purchased was 8 1/2 inches, I do not think the 6" model would have worked. between the mount and my mounting plate, the press is raised 9". After measuring and marking the location holes for my mounting bolts and marking my plate, I clamped it on the drill press and went to town drilling the holes. I used 1/2" bolts to attach the press to the plate, and then used the Dillon supplied bolts to attach the strong mount. Here are pictures of the result:

  I had this case bin bracket from my 550 since I upgraded to the dual bin bracket on the 550. I will be cutting the case chute off in the near future, but it is fine for now since it is not in the way, as you can see on the overhead picture below. I would not mind having a second bin mounted on the strong mount, maybe also on the left side. I still have a little setup tweaking to do on this mount.

I could not resist putting it to use as soon as I got it assembled. I immediately went to work converting 50 30.06 pieces of brass to 8mm Mauser. I have also been using this for my Hornady bullet puller. I am either going to Duracoat the plate black or have it Anodized......but it in the mean time, it is working perfectly and is very solid. I am extremely happy with how this has turned out.

  I have gotten permission to post pictures of a few other homemade mounts from some other users on AR15.com.

   First up is from Bartonmd. From the looks of the plate, this is mount is heavy duty. I like his design with the slope on the back to help provide leverage for support on the down stroke.

  The next mount is from Dusten. I like the use of the T slots on his reloading bench. This may be something I am going to have to add to my reloading bench when I rebuild it. This stand is simple in its 2 piece overlapping design and execution, but very strong and effective.

The last mount is from USMC223.

"I was tired of bending over or having an awkward position while seated so I tried out a few different heights and found the one that fit me best. Ergonomically it worked out that the mount would be moved off the bench about ten inches. So I took some old heavy scrap that was hanging around. Bent it on a break then I welded a plate to fit the back as to provide some support and an area to mount brackets for the side bins. Sprayed it all black and started reloading. The bins really speed things up. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to build a set up like this." USMS223

I really like this mount. I especially like the bins on either side. this one gave me gave me the idea to dig out my old 550 bin mount and use it with the RCBS.


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